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Who says you can't add storage to an iPhone? Get a 128GB iPhone flash drive for $18

Plug this drive into your Lightning port and you'll have plenty of room to offload photos and video.


If you have an iPhone, you've no doubt heard one of the main criticisms leveled at your phone by Android users: You can't expand its memory with a microSD card. Well, that's true. But with a little cleverness, you can expand your iPhone's storage capacity with a flash drive. Sort of. With caveats. But I'll get to that in a moment. For now, just enjoy the fact that it's technically possible to do at all, like teaching a golden retriever to be an accountant.? If you're intrigued, you can now get the 128GB BesDio iPhone Flash Drive for $18 when you apply discount code JWYQK292 at checkout.

This isn't the first time we've mentioned the BesDio flash drive, but this is a big drop in price -- last time it was priced at $27.

Now, understand that there are a number of flash drives for the iPhone, and they all suffer from the fact that what's happening here is only sort of just barely possible; Apple didn't build this capability into iOS and so it takes some workarounds to pull it off. You need to use an app called iPlugMate to enable the flash drive, and it's mainly useful for saving photos and videos from the camera app directly to the drive, or offloading media from your camera roll to the external drive to make room for other stuff that can't be stored on the flash drive.

When Cheapskate Rick last wrote about iPlugMate, he pointed out that the app hadn't been updated in a while. I can confirm that at the very least it has been updated a few times since he wrote that.

Bottom line: Limitations? Yep. But it's only $18, and it does let you eke out some extra space on your iPhone. If you have a phone with modest amounts of storage that's always in danger of being filled up, this could be a godsend.?

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